Tear Gas Cleanup Services in Missouri 

When there are riots or other unlawful crowds that need to be cleared out of a building or away from an outdoor area, police often use tear gas. While short-term tear gas exposure is not considered dangerous, repeated exposure to it can damage mucous membranes and may lead to respiratory issues. If you own a home or a business property, or manage a government property in Missouri that was exposed recently, it is important to look for professional tear gas cleanup to avoid health risks and liability issues; Steri-Clean is here to help.


When Do You Need Tear Gas Cleanup in Missouri?


Tear gas contains powerful concentrated chemicals such as chlorobenzylidene malononitrile (CS), chloroacetophenone (CN), and dibenzoxazepine (CR). These irritants are designed to incapacitate people so they are no longer a threat to people around them, and will cause irritation to the lungs, nostrils, eyes, skin, and more. It is dangerous to expose yourself to even the residue of tear gas.


Although the immediate cloud of tear gas may dissipate quickly, the chemicals and remnants can still linger in carpet, furniture, HVAC ducts and other places. Since HVAC ducts recirculate air in a building, the residue is hard to remove without professional tear gas cleanup services. When police use tear gas, they usually spray a large volume of it. Steri-Clean provides tear gas cleanup in Missouri for businesses, homes and government properties. We also provide cleanup of other hazardous substances and materials. We deliver the best extreme cleaning services for all types of situations.


How to Prepare for Tear Gas Cleanup Service in Missouri


If a home or building on your property was exposed to tear gas, do not go back in unless it is absolutely necessary. Be sure to wash your hands if you touch anything that may be contaminated. Call Steri-Clean today; we provide the most thorough teargas cleanup services in all of Missouri. Since we know that you need to regain access to your property as quickly as possible, we respond promptly. Our professionals have advanced equipment, tools and substances to safely clean any building or property.


Improper protective equipment and ineffective cleaning methods can leave you exposed to the dangers of tear gas residue. Steri-Clean follows all government regulations for proper removal of tear gas and other biohazards. Our professionals are understanding, discreet and experienced. They know which cleaning methods to use to leave the area safe and sanitary for you and other occupants. Call us at 888-577-7206 for a free assessment.


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