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Although animals bring joy to the lives of millions of people, they can cause serious property damage in some situations. One of the most common issues with pets and other animals is how they can leave behind waste that can produce stains, cause pungent odors, and even act as a biohazard agent. At Steri-Clean, we have decades of experience providing animal waste cleanup in Missouri to help people deal with animal waste in an understanding manner. We will work with you to provide animal waste cleanup in a way that does not intrude into your personal space and provides services in a non-judgmental way.


Household Pet Waste Cleanup


Dogs can have accidents at times that create serious messes that are difficult to clean up. Unfortunately, if accidents are not addressed promptly, they can lead to permanent damage that can be expensive to fix. Dog feces can become absorbed deep into carpets to permanently stain the underlying padding and floorboards. Deep stains are problematic because they can cause lasting odors that can make your home uncomfortable for years. We can help you with simply cleaning up a big mess that your dog leaves behind, or we can work with you to resolve damage caused by messes that were neglected in the past.


Cats are a more serious problem since their urine has a strong and distinct smell. Getting rid of cat odors on your own is challenging because ordinary consumer products are unable to thoroughly remove the strong smell of cat urine. The smell is especially strong since cats do not urinate as often as dogs, and therefore their urine is much more concentrated in a way that can leave lasting odors. After all, in nature, cats rely on their urine to claim territory and to warn predators to stay away. Although strong smells give cats an advantage in the natural world, their nasty odors can leave even the most loyal cat lovers questioning their decision to let an animal live in their home.


Wild Animal Waste Cleanup


Household pets are not the only ones that can leave waste behind on a property. Wild animals such as raccoons, pigeons, bats, birds, mice, rats, and other pests can leave feces, urine, and other remnants behind. These droppings can carry many kinds of infectious diseases and other severe health risks. Homeowners should not attempt to clean up this mess alone. Steri-Clean can work with you at any stage in the cleanup process. Call us as soon as possible so that we can get your life back to normal quickly while preventing additional damage.


Steri-Clean Animal Waste Cleanup


Steri-Clean offers comprehensive animal waste cleanup in Missouri to resolve the full range of odors caused by domestic pets and wild animals. Our animal waste cleanup services can help you return to normal life or to get your property ready to be sold on the market. Trained and licensed professionals are used for all of our animal waste cleanup services, and we can work on short notice to quickly resolve your issues.


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