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Odor Removal Services in Missouri

Professional odor removal services are essential for anyone interested in protecting the value of their property or improving their quality of life. Cars, homes and commercial property can all be affected by odors that seep into the environment over time. Steri-Clean’s services for odor removal in Missouri are comprehensive, and this includes a complete treatment for your car, home or business. It can be very difficult to be around unpleasant and offensive odors; eliminating these odors not only improves your quality of life, but it can also make the space more sanitary.



Car owners can have a smoking habit, and these odors can penetrate the upholstery inside the vehicle. When a person comes to take a test drive, they might detect the scent of cigarettes, cigars or even marijuana. These unpleasant odors can be difficult to remove without professional assistance. If you are interested in selling a vehicle, you should contact our odor removal services in Missouri before placing it on the open market. Cars that contain smoke odors can depreciate up to $200 per year faster than vehicles that are smoke-free.


The housing market can penalize homeowners who sell a property without removing the odors first. An odor might not even be perceived by the homeowner because people tend to normalize the smells they live with every day. However, if a buyer comes over to the home, the odors can be perceived instantly, and this could damage the possibility of closing the sale. Fabrics, wood, upholstery and other materials can absorb the smells that are in the environment, and this can cause a home to lose up to 30 percent of its market value.



Odor removal services are designed to assist homeowners, car owners and others who are dealing with a problem involving any kind of pernicious odors. There are many reasons these odors can get into your environment, and they can be impossible to remove without professional cleaning services. For example, cigars, cigarettes, marijuana and perfume can leave a smell in the affected areas. Animal waste, residue from a fire, and other sources can also result in the need for odor removal services.


Going beyond superficial unpleasant smells, odors can also signify a greater problem. Odors may appear when water damage occurs in a home, which can leave you vulnerable to the health effects of mildew, mold and bacteria. Harmful chemicals and other dangerous contaminants can also be the source of an odor. Many of these substances cannot be removed safely by a homeowner. Steri-Clean Missouri has the expertise and tools, such as professional disinfectant, and ozone generators and foggers, to remove the source and resulting smell.


Steri-Clean provides professional odor removal services in Missouri. We can treat the molecular level of the affected areas so that the smells are eliminated completely and will not return. We also clean commercial properties and vehicles. Most standard vehicles can be treated within 90 minutes, and we also provide rapid services for other types of odor removal in Missouri. 


Steri-Clean’s professional odor removal services address the root cause of the problem, and we never cover up the smells with fragrances or chemicals. We only provide the highest quality of comprehensive odor removal services in Missouri, contact Steri-Clean Missouri today for a service quote.

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