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Hoarding And Clutter Cleanup Services in Missouri

Hoarding disorders have increasingly come into the public eye with television programs that show how cluttered a home can become. Hoarders tend to hold onto items that most people would view as trash. Over time, people can accumulate so many random things that their homes can become dangerous to live in. Hallways can become nearly impossible to navigate. Additionally, it can be difficult to get to kitchens and bathrooms in a house that has a massive hoard. Steri-Clean Missouri is here to help clean up any amount of accumulated items.


People who have a hoarding disorder frequently believe that they may need to use many of the items in a hoard at some point in the future. This is rarely true. Additionally, they may panic when thinking about throwing away the items they've accumulated. Friends and family can become frustrated with hoarders who refuse to listen to recommendations to contact a discreet hoarding cleanup company so that they can deal with the problem.



People who hoard items often have psychological disorders. Psychologists frequently find that hoarders have obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADHD or other related disorders. It's important to understand that many hoarders are unable to help themselves without treatment. Even with successful treatment, some hoarders will still find it difficult to throw the items they've accumulated over a period of years or decades into the trash.


At Steri-Clean Missouri, we provide a free assessment and a plan of action that will help rid a home of a hoard. We consult with individuals to identify any items that still have real value, either monetary or sentimental, and then separate them from the rest of the clutter. Any hoarding cleanup services can bring stress into the life of a hoarder, and we offer 24/7 support to help them deal with that stress. We also have access to therapists who can provide assistance for those who have issues with a hoarding disorder.


Steri-Clean Missouri offers hoarding cleanup to the people of Missouri, and after all of the unwanted items are gone from a home, we do our best to ensure the space is suitable for human habitation. Our hoarding cleanup services make sure that hallways and rooms are easily accessible and that every room will serve the purpose it was intended for. We'll also clean up any messes that are left after clearing out the hoard. This includes any animal waste or pest infestation that the clutter previously obscured.


​If you or someone close to you is a hoarder, getting professional help is key. Hoards usually start out small with a little bit of excess clutter. Over time, they can become overwhelming, and it can seem as though they are a problem that's beyond solving. As one of the oldest hoarding cleanup organizations in the country, Steri-Clean has decades of experience. Our professional teams are empathetic and always put the individual first. The sooner you contact Steri-Clean for hoarding cleanup in Missouri, the faster your life can return to normal.

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