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Accidents, traumas and other problems often lead to biohazard concerns. Biohazards include blood, animal or human waste, drug paraphernalia, pathogens and contaminated items that create health risks. While it is important to remove biohazards for liability and sanitation issues, we do not recommend removing them yourself. Whether the mess is found on public or private land, it is important to arrange for biohazard cleanup as quickly as possible. Hazardous materials can contain dangerous microorganisms and viruses like Hepatitis B and C, norovirus, rotovirus, and more. Also, it is important to use professional biohazard cleanup services in Missouri for public health and safety reasons. Improper disposal of biohazards can put other people at risk of getting diseases or injuries. Steri-Clean can assist with even the most challenging cleanups, including those involving biohazards.


How We Remove Biohazards


Our professionals ask questions about the event, trauma or accident to determine how to proceed. Steri-Clean follows EPA regulations and guidelines for collecting and disposing of biohazards properly. After we assess the area, we develop a customized plan to address individual hazards. We bring the necessary equipment to properly clean the space. Our technicians dispose of all trash and hazardous substances, clean surfaces, remove stains and sanitize the area.


Types of Biohazard Risks


If you are in Missouri and wondering if your situation warrants biohazard cleanup, think about possible infection risks. Anything that could create a health risk qualifies. Situations where professional biohazard cleaning may be needed to remove infectious materials and substances include: suicide scenes, crime scenes, accident scenes, hoarding sites, homeless camps, teargas contamination sites, police scenes, blood spill sites, odorous sites, and superbug exposure sites.


When to Call for Biohazard Cleanup in Missouri


At Steri-Clean, we know that situations with biohazards can arise with little to no warning. This is why our technicians are always available. Our call center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can tell you what to do to keep yourself and others safe until we arrive. After that, we handle all the dangerous tasks quickly and efficiently. Since the events surrounding biohazard cleanup are often traumatic or stressful for people who experience them, we are discreet and understanding when we come to the scene. We work with private individuals, businesses and government organizations.


If you need biohazard cleanup services in Missouri for a home, business, vehicle or crime scene, call Steri-Clean today at 888-577-7206.


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